Expectant Mothers Online Registration PICME 2.0 Maternity and Child Health Dept. Are you pregnant and would like to register in PICME software? The Department of Public Health Department is yet to release Pregnancy Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation software that is PICME 2.0 version on 1st July 2017. All expectant mothers must register themselves about their pregnancy details as it is very much essential to avail child's birth certificate.

Why to Register in PICME software?
In order to eradicate infant mortality rate, the public health department is doing PICME registration. Once registered the expectant mothers will be monitored from conception till post natal check ups. Earlier version of PICME was not implemented in private hospitals and the upgraded version PICME 2.0 makes 100 percent tracking of pregnant women and child.

What is the benefit of Registering in PICME?
All expectant women who regsiter in revamped software of PICME 2.0, can avail financial support. This financial support is provided under Dr Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme.

What is the alternate way to get registered in PICME?
One may dial 102 which redirects you to Maternity and Child Health helpline number. You will be instructed for pre registration after which Village Health Nurse VHN will come in person to confirm if you are conceived and registration will be complete.

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