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Thread: Chhattisgarh Police Payslip monthly wise salary slip

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    Chhattisgarh Police Payslip monthly wise salary slip

    Chhattisgarh Police Payslip monthly wise salary slip. Are you an employee of Chhattisgarh Police Department? Do you like to get your payslip for each month? Police of Chhattisgarh government can now get their payslip from e payroll online salary generation system. Police employee must have the required details such as DDO code, Payroll Type, Financial Year, Password to get logged in. Once you are in the login page one can have access to your payslip for the month required.

    Steps to get Chhattisgarh Police Payslip Month wise:
    1) Kindly visit http://ekoshonline.cg.nic.in/ePayroll/ which is the authorised website of payroll for Chhattisgarh Government.
    2) Provide the mandatory field information scubas DDO code, password and other details to land in the login page.
    3) You can now get the payslip for the month of your choice.

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    I wanted to get my April 2017 month Payslip. Where do I get in Chhattisgarh government site?

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